Hi guys ! Welcome to my website. İn this website you can look the MOVİES. I wish you can enjoy this website.


Firstly we can start SCİENCE FİCTİON films.


1- Martian  ( 2015-USA )

Raiting : 8,3/10

Actor: Ridley Scott

Topic: An astrounaut becomes stranded on Mars after his team assumes dead , and he

should rely on his ingencity to find a way to send a signal to earth that still he is alive.

İdea: I think this film is intresting but it isn’t suitable for under 13.


2- 2001: A space Odyssey  ( 1968- USA )

Raiting : 9,3/10

Actor: Stanley Kurbick

Topic: Humanity finds a mysterious artical object under the Lunar Surface with the intelligent computer HAL 9000 sets off on a guest.

Idea: I think this film is old but it has got very good graphics.


3- Avatar ( 2009- USA )

Raiting: 7,8/10

Actor: James Cameron

Topic: A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon named Pandora on a  mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.

Idea : I don’t like this film but I think you can like this film.