Animation Films

Finally, we’ll do ANİMAİTON films.


1- Up ( 2009/USA )

Reiting: 8,3/10

Actor/Acteress: Rob Peterson, Ed Anser

Theme: It has got adventures.

Opinion: I thing this film is very good for kids.


2- İnside Out ( 2015/France )

Reiting: 8,2/10

Actor/Actress: Amy Poehler, Phyliss Smith

Theme: It is a  animation about people’s brains.

Opinion: I thing this film is intresting and creativity.


3-Minions  (2015/USA)

Raiting: 7,2/10

Actor/Actress: Sandra Bullock, John Hamm

Theme: It’s about  adventures of lovely creatures

Opinion: I thing film is very funny.